PCN 2 Featured Provider: Dr. Patrick Shiu

What made you choose to practice medicine in the neighborhood of Chinatown?  

When I came to Vancouver from Toronto 13 years ago, I started at 3 different clinics to get myself oriented, I worked in Surrey, Kerrisdale and Chinatown. For the past 7 years, I chose to settle in Vancouver’s Chinatown because of the acute need for Chinese speaking family doctors here. Shortages are country wide but for these poor folks, it is desperately acute. Doing anything to help is my reason for staying. 

Chinese elderly is a badly neglected group. They speak only Chinese, came here to help raising grandkids but left behind as younger generations moved on.  They are now in their senior years, all with multiple comorbidities and so frail that they can hardly get onto public transports. Chinatown is the only place that they can make a stance.  

Please tell us a little bit about your clinic and the patients you serve. 

I practice at Keefer Medical, located at 118 Keefer Street, a well-equipped new clinic. I do only Family Practice with most of my patients well into their eighties and nineties. There are 5 other doctors at the clinic doing family practice and walk-ins. It is open 7 days a week. 

What are your hopes for PCN 2?  

For starters, PCN2 could use professional bilingual navigators through our sophisticated healthcare system. Volunteers can help in the process but the sheer volume of demand makes this quite unworkable. Through PCN 2, I hope likeminded docs can work together to improve the lots of the Chinese elderly.  

Anything else you’d like to share about your community?  

Hastings-Downtown East notwithstanding, Vancouver has one of the most history rich Chinatown in North America as many traditional buildings aren’t bulldozed over and maintained to their cultural beauty. It also boasts having some of the city’s best Asian eateries. Delicious Chinese, Japanese Ramen, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants are all within 5 minutes of walking.  

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